Master Cutlery SW-750 Fantasy Silver Dragon Saber Sword

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Your preferred weapon should be distinctive, as well as styled to suit your tastes. And if you happen to love the way a saber works in battle, as well as the image of a dragon attacking its prey, then this Silver Dragon Saber is the weapon for you. This sword's stainless steel blade is a traditional straight-edged saber design, possessing a single edge with a point that makes it effective at cutting and skewering. The real detailing comes in on the hilt and sheath. The hilt impressive takes the shape of a full-bodied dragon, with the guard being made up of the dragon's head, neck, chest, and legs, while the dragon's tail extends out from the back, creating a textured handle as well as a slightly up-turned partial hand-guard. Thanks to the dragon's feet being a part of the guard, this saber can also stand on its own and requires only a flat surface to be displayed. The sheath is equally impressive, featuring matching dragon designs along its metallic length as well as a small attached chain. The sword has an overall length of 35.5 inches, with the blade measuring approximately 28 inches long. Secured to your belt, this sword would be the perfect weapon with which to lead a charge of Dragoons into battle...and when not at your side, this Silver Dragon Saber makes one heck of a display to show off in your home.

- 35.5" Overall, 28" Blade.
- Cast metal dragon guard and handle.
- Stands on its own feet.
- Stainless Steel blade.

Master Cutlery SW-750 Fantasy Silver Dragon Saber Sword

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