Master Cutlery SW-460 Fantasy Dracule Mihawk Sword

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This blade, or one very similar to it, was once the preferred weapon of a legendary swordsman and pirate...but now, it can be yours to wield. The Dracule Mihawk Sword has a cruciform design and a curved blade, reminiscent of the legendary katana. This sword has all the look of a lethal cross, possessing a bold design that is as eye-catching as the size of the blade itself. The sword is crafted from carbon steel and its blade design is similar to the katana, possessing a single edge and a gentle curve that sweeps back into a traditional point. A decorative cast-metal bar adorns the base of the blade, inscribed with curling lines and set with two faux purple gems. The broad guard features similar curving line patterns and a bronze coloration, as well as more faux gems. A single blue gem, flanked by two purple ones, adorns the center, while the terminals of the guard feature a green and a purple gem. The smooth hilt is all white, with a bronze pommel set with a larger faux purple gemstone. The sword includes a black leather sheath, to which is attached a strap that allows the sheath to be worn over the shoulder, on the back. Once, this sword was called Yoru, and in some circles, it was the greatest sword in the world. Now, though, you can call it your own, when you bring the Dracule Mihawk Sword into your home, either as a decoration or display, or to use as a part of your next great costume.

- 49" Overall.
- C.S Dracula Mihawk Sword.
- Cast metal knife with intrigate design.
- Egyptian King motif Kris blade.

Master Cutlery SW-460 Fantasy Dracula Mihawk Sword

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