Master Cutlery SW-3041WD Fantasy Wooden Black Hero's Sword

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Lurking in a dark, water-logged temple lays a spirit of nefarious intent, a dark doppelganger that twists a hero's image into something villainous... And now, you can wield this shadow's sword safely, by wielding the Wooden Black Hero's Sword. One the sword of a goddess, now this blade is dark and twisted, although its once-elegant features still remain. This wooden sword features a shape worthy of a hero, including a long, steel-grey blade and a wing-tipped guard set with a single golden colored triangle at the guard's center. The grip is smooth and inky-black in its coloration, allowing the eye to only note the pommel by the change in shape and swell. This sword is made entirely in wood, and it comes complete with a wooden scabbard decorated with vibrant gold lines. All heroes have a darker side, and with this Wooden Black Hero's Sword, you can not only release your favorite hero's evil shadow, but you can wield its sword safely whenever you take on his look or his style.

- 41.5" Overall.
- Wooden Blade.
- Includes wood scabbard.

Master Cutlery SW-3041WD Fantasy Wooden Black Hero's Sword

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