Master Cutlery SW-3041BK Fantasy Zelda Black Sword of the Legend

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The Black Sword of the Legend is hardly the blade of a hero. Instead, this blade is the weapon of the hero's shadow, which embodies the hero's darker side. And now, it is a weapon that you can have for yourself, to proudly own and display in your home. Inspired by the games that now have a cult-following, thanks to their years of solid story-telling, this blade is replica of the legendary Master Sword, given a darker hue to better suit the shadowy owner who might wield it. The blade is crafted entirely in stainless steel and features a short ricasso along the blade, as well as a straight edge and a fine point. The hilt is grooved to provide a bit more grip-ability, with a scent-stopper pommel to help provide balance and stability to the blade. The guard is, perhaps, the weapon's most distinctive trait, featuring solid black coloration with a single golden-yellow triangle at its center, as well as opened wing-like arms that create a fully sized, traditional guard. Included with the sword is a wooden scabbard in black, with red line patterns along its length and gold-yellow decorations on its throat and chape. Will you play the hero or the villain? With this Black Sword of the Legend in hand, you're likely to play the villain, one that can match the hero blow for blow...because there is really no defeating your own shadow.

- 41.5" Overall.
- Stainless steel blade.
- Includes wood scabbard.

Master Cutlery SW-3041BK Fantasy Zelda Black Sword of the Legend

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