Master Cutlery SW-3041 Fantasy Blue Hero's Sword

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A legendary hero deserves a worthy blade, and we can think of no sword worthier for a hero than this aptly named Blue Hero's Sword. It has, in its long life, served many heroes of note, and now, it can serve you as well as it served them. Patterned off the sword that was once blessed by a goddess and given the power to banish evil from the realm, this blade is a formidable weapon in the hands of a righteous hero. The sword-blade is made from polished stainless steel, while it features a traditional longsword design, including straight edges a broad tip. The sword hilt is almost completely blue, with a single yellow triangle at the base of the blade. The wide guard seems to emulate opened wings, while the gently grooved grip provides a secure hold and a subtly shaped scent-stopper pommel. Included with the sword is a wooden scabbard in blue, with golden-yellow lines forming a striking pattern across its surface. There is no doubt that, for those who are familiar with the legends, this Blue Hero's Sword is a familiar weapon, one that you can easily carry along for your own adventures or hang on your wall, as a memory of an adventure shared with an old friend.

- 41.5" Overall.
- Stainless steel blade.
- Includes wood scabbard.

Master Cutlery SW-3041 Fantasy Blue Hero's Sword

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