Master Cutlery SW-1020 Fantasy Dark Spartan Sword

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Hailing from Sparta were some of the foremost warriors in the ancient world; brutal and efficient, the Spartans were a military power without equal, thanks in part to their weapons, one of which is the Dark Spartan Sword. With inspiration taken from modern influences, this sword is a wicked thing to behold; thin at the guard, the blade curves inward and upward on the leading edge, adding mass to the blade as it expands out into a heavy, forward-cleaving edge before re-curving back into an efficient point. Equally eye-catching, the blade is an attractive stainless steel with a nigrescence finish, making the blade entirely dark in color. The hilt is plain, as befitting a Spartan who would care more about function then appearance. The guard is a thick, downward-turned curve, angled across the grip to offer a modicum of protection to the hand. The leather-wrapped grip ensures that even the worst among Spartans would not lose his blade to poor grip, and the pommel mimics the guard; an upward-turned curve, angled across the grip. An ancient xiphos, this sword is not, but the Dark Spartan Sword is none-the-less a fearsome weapon that any Spartan would gladly have wielded in combat.

- Spartan Sword.
- 25" Overall.
- 420 nigrescence finished stainless steel blade.
- Real leather wrapped handle.
- Includes nylon sheath.

Master Cutlery SW-1020 Fantasy Dark Spartan Sword

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