Master Cutlery MC-3037 Undead Scimitar Fantasy Sword

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This scimitar brings its name to life beginning with the ribbed-claw design of the pommel. A leather-wrapped straight grip with finger-form imprints steadies the sword in the hand, while the cast-metal reclined-egg cutout skull guard on this sword is a fine example of form and function meeting in elegant design. The long, upswept blade features a double-hooked ricasso and a partial fuller groove above a broadly-sharpened single edge typical to a scimitar.

This sword measures 31 inches overall with a 23 inch 440-stainless-steel blade and cast metal guard and pommel. A custom display stand designed to accommodate the broad guard is included.

- "Undead Scimitar."
- 31" Overall, 23" Blade.
- 440 stainless steel blade.
- Cast metal skull guard and leather wrapped handle.
- Includes custom display stand.

Master Cutlery MC-3037 Undead Scimitar Fantasy Sword

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