Master Cutlery MAZ-300SP Fantasy Spartan Spear

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Spears were common-place in Greek armies; they were the typical weapon of the hoplite, the soldier of ancient Greece. But no spear was more feared then the Spartan Spear, likely because of the people's already fearsome fighting prowess. Spear is the style of spear used by Grecian hoplites, and signifies a spear approximately six to ten feet in length, with a flat, leaf-shaped blade used for thrusting and slashing. This Spear does not disappoint. An absolutely staggeringly tall weapon, this spear is simply made but deadly-efficient. Indeed having the leaf-shaped blade, it would work as well for sweeping cuts as it would for devastating thrusts. A suede-leather wrap sits just above the black shaft's center, a grip to hold while carrying or using the weapon. The bottom is capped with a butt-spike of significant size, making it not only an effective counter-balance to the weight of the over-six-foot spear, but also making it a secondary end to use for striking, should the need arise. Additionally, this spear separates into two pieces, for ease of storing or moving. Lethally effective and radically simple: that is the Spartan Spear, and this is the weapon that made Spartan phalanxes so deadly.

- 83" Overall.
- Suede leather wrapped handle.
- Separates into 2 pieces for shipping.

Master Cutlery MAZ-300SP Fantasy Spartan Spear

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