Master Cutlery HK-9906 Fantasy Short Sword

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Regal in its design, this is a dagger for kings, queens, and other royals who want their weapons to accent their appearance. But even though it’s called the King's Decorative Dagger, you can rest assured that rich appearance hides a deadly dagger. It's hard not to have your eyes drawn to this dagger, what with its stunning level of detailing and decoration. The dagger's hilt depicts barbed dragon wings for a guard, as well as twisting serpentine tails that entwine around the guard and a regal, almost crown-like structure for a pommel, to which is attached a decorative red knot tassel. The sheath, on the other hand, possesses bronze-hued decorations of lions and other regal beasts, set over an enameled blue base, while the sides of the sheath feature elegant gold chains for attaching the dagger to the a belt. The dagger's blade is the simplest thing about it, possessing a straight, double-edged design that ends in a wicked point. The dagger measures approximately 14 inches in overall length. No king, queen, or ruling royal should ever go without a weapon, even when they're on their throne. And luckily, with this King's Decorative Dagger, they can keep a weapon on their person that perfectly complements their royal style.

- 14" Overall.
- Cast metal handle and scabbard.
- Stainless Steel Blade.

Master Cutlery HK-9906 Fantasy Short Sword

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