Master Cutlery HK-26186BK Fantasy Black Dragon Kopis Sword

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History and fantasy are both filled with unique and distinctive styles of blades, and in the Black Dragon Kopis Sword, the two have finally deigned to meet, creating a classic weapon from history that is worthy of possessing a draconic lineage. The kopis was traditionally used in ancient Greece, where the shape and form of the kopis allowed it to deliver hacking blows with the momentum of a larger axe, while retaining the long cutting edge and stabbing ability of a sword. This kopis sword perfectly recreates that style of blade, possessing a recurved edge that focuses all the blade's weight and momentum along the upper cutting edge. The sword lacks a guard, possessing instead a recessed and contoured hilt to help protect the hand. The fantasy of this sword comes in along its pommel, which depicts a snarling, cast-metal dragon head. Included with the sword is a smaller, similarly shaped knife, as well as a black scabbard with twin rings for securing the sword to your side. The sword measures approximately 17.25 inches long, while the miniature knife measures approximately 6.75 inches long and attaches easily to the scabbard for storage. Not only have history and fantasy combined in this Black Dragon Kopis Sword, but they've also created a stunning yet simple weapon that would perfectly accent any warrior's armaments or any enthusiast's collection.

- 17.25" Overall.
- 6.75" mini knife attached to scabbard.
- Black scabbard and handle with dragon pommel.

Master Cutlery HK-26186BK Fantasy Black Dragon Kopis Sword

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