Master Cutlery HK-26092 Double Dragon Fantasy Sword

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Two dragons are worse than one; their combined destructive might is nigh-incomprehensible. Harness that terrifying might with the Double Dragon Sword; wield it as your own and stand before the might of a dragon with frightening ease. Wicked in its design, the sword has a rather large riassco, consisting of a wave-like, spiked flare, on which is a laser-etched symbol that dominates the upper part of the blade. The rest of the edge is fairly straight-edged and broad, with a fuller that runs down most of the blade, creating a superb cutting and slashing weapon. The guard is very-much reminiscent of a dragon's back: scaled and with appendages stretching forth as wings, with a single red-metal plaque as decoration. The actual wing of the guard consists of two sharpened metal blades, giving the guard a certain offensive touch as well. The scaled grip ensures not only a good hold on the weapon but also a continuation of the blade's overall theme of the might of dragon-kind, while the pommel consists of a pair of dragons, linked at the neck, with a single blade set between them'this blade comes free, as a miniature sword. Hardly elegant but certainly eye-catching, the Double Dragon Sword is a mighty blade that is sure to garner the respect of even the dragons.

- 42" Overall.
- Intricate cast metal guard and pommel.
- Stainless steel blade with blood groove.
- Letter opener on dragon pommel.
- Includes display plaque.

Master Cutlery HK-26092 Double Dragon Fantasy Sword

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