Master Cutlery HK-205 Fantasy Dragon Sword

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This saber has more than earned its name. After all, when you swing the Attacking Dragon Saber, it certainly looks like a winged dragon, soaring in to deliver a powerful strike, before retreating and circling around to deliver yet another attack. This sword's stainless steel blade is that of a traditional saber, possessing a gently curved single edge that's ideally suited for cutting, as well as a point that can skewer enemies with ease. That's not the impressive part about the sword, though. The sword's true detailing comes in with the hilt and the sheath, both of which feature impressive levels of dragon detailing. The hilt depicts a standing dragon with its wings flared, which creatures an effective yet decorative guard, while the dragon's body stretches out behind its wings to provide a secure grip, while the curled tail creatures an almost-complete hand-guard. An added bonus of the dragon's feet being used in the guard is that this sword can stand on its own, requiring only a flat surface of appropriate length to stand and show off its style. The black sheath is a perfect match to the hilt, possessing cast-metal dragon decorations along its length, as well as an attached chain for additional decoration. This sword has an overall length of 40.5 inches. Keep this saber sheathed at your side to so that you'll always have a dragon ready to attack your enemies, wherever they may challenge you, and when you're safely within the confines of your fortress or your home, keep it close-by as a display, so that all may admire the Attacking Dragon Saber.

- 40.5" Overall.
- Cast metal dragon guard and handle.
- Includes scabbard.

Master Cutlery HK-205 Fantasy Dragon Sword

Model #HK-205
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