Master Cutlery FMT-004 Fantasy Dragon Strike Sword

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This sword is not too long, not too short, and features just the right amount of deception, in the form of hidden weaponry. In short, the Ninja's Dragon Sword is the perfect weapon for a ninja, being a warrior's sword that features a few nasty tricks. At first glance, this weapon is little more than a traditional katana, although it appears slightly shorter than what is typical of this classic Japanese sword. The stainless steel blade is simple and unadorned, possessing the same shape and subtle cutting curve of the katana, as well as an effective stabbing point. The tsuba, or guard, consists of decorative dragons that feature blades instead of wings, adding a wicked touch of style to the weapon, while the handle is wrapped in black fabric for a secure grip. The guard features a secret though, in that the dragons can be removed and used as throwing knifes, allowing any shadow warrior to execute a sudden and swift surprise attack from several paces, before closing in to finish the job with the sword. It includes a plain black sheath. The sword measures approximately 41 inches long, with a 26.75 inch long blade. A true shadow warrior always has many modes of attack available, and with the Ninja's Dragon Sword, you definitely have options, allowing you to start a battle up close or end it from afar with equal ease. .

- 41" Overall, 26.75" Blade.
- Stainless Steel blade.
- Detachable dragon tsuba forms into throwing knives.

Master Cutlery FMT-004 Fantasy Dragon Strike Sword

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