Master Cutlery FM-452 Fantasy Cage Sword

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Typically, a sword pins a skeleton, not encloses it. All morbidity aside, however, the Caged Skull Sword is an interesting weapon, to be sure. A simple blade tops this attractively morbid piece; a moderately sized riassco gives rise to a plain, straight-edged blade that eventually tapers into an adequate thrusting point, although, like most longswords, this weapon is designed for cutting, not thrusting. Of the hilt, the grip is the least remarkable: steel-wire wrapped for security and little else. The guard, however, is as intriguing as it is morbid; designed in the form of a cage and decorated with spikes, the guard encases a skeletal torso, arms stretched out in the box-formed guard. The pommel copies this theme, in the form of a circular cage, decorated again with spikes, while enclosing a skull in the pommel. Morbid but none-the-less intriguing and visually appealing, the Caged Skull Sword is an interesting switch on the relationship that normally occurs between a sword and a skeleton.

- 43" Overall.
- Steel wire wrapped handle with skull head in pommel and skull torso in guard.
- 8 spikes on pommel.
- 16 spikes on guard.
- Includes wood display plaque.

Master Cutlery FM-452 Fantasy Cage Sword

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