Master Cutlery FM-407 Horned Helmet Fantasy Sword

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Sometimes, a content medium must be struck between true to history and fantastical in design, because really, some true-to-history swords are boring. The Horned Helmet Sword could be considered a content medium, for many reasons. The hilt is simple, with a textured grip that enables a solid hold on the weapon, without any frills or designs that would interfere with a proper hand position. The pommel is cast-brass; a cylindrical form, topped with a spike, that numerous detailed etchings. The guard is also cast-brass, formed into a helmet reminiscent of what one might expect to see a fantastical warrior wearing'not a far stretch, given the wicked horns that adorn the helmet and serve as the guard's crossbar. The blade is equally simple, with a moderately sized fuller and a slightly slant-edged blade that gives the sword a decent point. A content medium between modern style and antiquated function? Yes, the Horned Helmet Sword is just that.

- 44" Overall.
- Guard and pommel are made from cast brass engraved with detailed designs.
- Includes wppd display plaque.
- Stainless steel blade (unsharpened).

Master Cutlery FM-407 Horned Helmet Fantasy Sword

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