Master Cutlery DB-300 Fantasy Spartan Warrior Sword

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Defend Greece, or just your living room. This Spartan Sword is a extremely accurate rendition period piece. These swords served as the short range weapon of choice among King Leonidas' Spartan warriors. The blade is sharpened and is 1045 high carbon hand forged steel, and is extremely sharp. The handle is wrapped in leather giving this sword a savage, utilitarian look. The hand guard is made of tempered iron. This is a rat tail tang blade. Comes with a leather belt sheath that has a 47 inch waist strap belt. These swords are lightweight and ready to wield. The sword itself without the belt scabbard is aproxximately 3 1/2 pounds, lightweight for easy wielding.

- 28.8" Overall.
- Stainless Steel blade with blood groove.
- Leather wrapped handle.
- Includes sheath.

Master Cutlery DB-300 Fantasy Spartan Warrior Sword

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