Master Cutlery CK-095 Fantasy Eagle Hunter Bowie Knife

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This knife is a combination of a classic trench knife and a traditional bowie knife. The end result of his pairing is the impressive Eagle Hunter Bowie Knife, a rugged and brutal little blade that anyone would want to have on their side in a fight. Trench knives were first pioneered in World War I, and remained a staple piece of equipment on soldiers well into and beyond World War II. The bowie knife, on the other hand, was a knife of the old west, used for utility and combat into the modern era. Like the trench knife, this weapon features a knuckle-duster guard that not only protects the hand, but also lets the wielder deliver brass knuckle punches that will knock your enemies flat. And like the bowie knife, this weapon features not a penetrative spike, but broad blade suitable for carving both wood and enemies into shreds. And as an added touch, the end of the knife features a decorative eagle's head pommel. The knife measures approximately 14.75 inches long, while it also includes a black sheath for carrying and storing the knife. You get the best of both worlds when it comes to this Eagle Hunter Bowie Knife, as it is not only a brutal looking weapon, but also a great collectible that will awe others when they see it.

- "Eagle Hunter."
- 14.75" Overall.
- Stainless Steel Blade.
- Includes a Black Sheath.

Master Cutlery CK-095 Fantasy Eagle Hunter Bowie Knife

Model #CK-095
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