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Miniature Spy Camera Can Be Hidden Almost Anywhere

Miniature Spy Camera Can Be Hidden Almost Anywhere

listen with the built-in mic.

This product employs a quality USA made CMOS image sensor. Suitable for video conferencing, video phone, video doorbell, video electronic mail, pc multimedia, toys, security monitor, medical instrument, vehicle rear view, etc. The camera can send video and Audio for 8 hours non-stop if powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (Duracell/Energizer). No work duration limited when it is hooked up with a AC-DC adaptor. Installation is simple with an ordinary television. If needed, the video can be recorded in an ordinary VCR without adding any other accessory. The camera can run 24-hours a day without over heating.

-Removable/Adjustable mounting bracket.

-Switchable frequency (4 channels). Can be added to many of the other wireless receivers we sell.

-Runs on 9v battery or the the included AC/DC adaptor.

Sell Dozens of These Each Week Without Saying a Word

As many of you know, the key to selling closing a sale on most products is a demonstration of why that product is unique. The SPYCAM203 is no different.

After researching and hearing positive results from dealers, we've found that in demonstrating this product you must show that it can be totally wireless. Put up a monitor with the receiver attached. Plug a 9v battery into the camera and set it on the table in front of the monitor. This allows the customer to pickup that unit step away and see how good the unit works. It also shows how it can work without being attached to anything.

Try it and you'll be calling to order more!

Miniature Spy Camera Can Be Hidden Almost Anywhere
Model #SPYCAM203
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