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ProForce Champion Pine Wood Nunchaku, Cord, Black

Proforce champion pine wood nunchaku, cord, black with cracked glass...

Key Features:

  • Made of lightweight pine wood.
  • Specifically made for tournament competition.
  • 5 color combinations.
  • 3" long nylon cord.
  • Designed to catch the light an the eye of the judges.

About ProForce®

Worn by Martial Arts champions around the world, ProForce has been a leading manufacturer of quality Martial Arts products for over 15 years. ProForce continues to bring exciting, high quality products to all members of the Martial Arts industry.

The constant re-invention of products produced by ProForce brands has helped to push the boundaries of gear available to the Martial Arts industry. As a result, ProForce products have emerged as a brand name recognized the world over.


ProForce Champion Pine Wood, Black
Model #1182
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