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100% Pure Brass Knuckles, Made in USA

100% Pure Brass Knuckles, Made in USA



Watch the video of Dark Rift brass knuckles being made!!!
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Warning - Registered Trademark and Patent Pending, we will sue counterfeiters.

Made of 100% pure solid real brass knuckles - and Made in the USA!  Limited supply, we only made a few dozen!  A Weapons Universe Exclusive, only available on our websites, made by our own brand name Dark Rift Armory.  Truly ergonomic and comfortable, super strong and designed to perfectly fit the human hand.  Comes with a unique feature - a fifth knuckle on one side that could be used as some kind of crusher or breaker (or for whatever else you can imagine breaking).  Super heavy duty, weighing at 10 ounces of solid brass!

The sizes for this particular knuckle can fit up to index 14.5, middle 14, ring 13, pinky 11.  Your finger sizes can be about the same, or smaller.  You are welcome to check out the Ring size chart to identify your ring sizes.

We don't just say they are made of 100% brass, they really are!  Not like the China mixed alloy brass!  Ours are hard core C46400 Naval Brass, conforms to specification ASTM B21, which provides a high degree of corrosion resistance at even higher than normal temperatures while also assuring greater strength and rigidity. It possesses excellent capacity for hot working and adapts well for hot forging and pressing. This naval brass also lends itself to drawing, forming, bending and heading. It is readily soldered, brazed and welded. Typical applications include nuts, bolts, rivets, valve stems, pump shafts and other military hardware. The advantage of this material for knuckles is that possesses a great amount of density, rigidity, and corrosion resistance verses standard or pot-metal brass typically used with molded knuckles from China. The imported material found in real brass units are extremely susceptible to cracking and deterioration over time. They also do not have high density making them a soft metal.

Given the ergonomic and metallurgical properties of these knuckles make them an extremely lethal weapon. One soft blow from a average sized person can deliver several thousand pounds of pressure thus making them a bone crusher. One who possesses this model must take this information in consideration before actually using them on their aggressor. Chances are you will seriously damage or kill the individual with even a small amount of effort.  We only offer these as self defense weapon, just as a gun dealer sells his guns as self defense weapons, and the owner must be responsible for his actions.

These are highly desirable, high quality collectible pieces.  These are expensive to make, and considering our time factor and cost factor - we are selling these cheap.  Mostly because we want to provide a special product you can't find anywhere else, and also hopefully we'll make it up in volume and word of mouth.  Very limited supply, so get one before they are permanently sold out!


100% Pure Brass, USA
Model #DRPB
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Sale Price: $139.95
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Get one for each Hand!
100% Pure Brass, USA
Retail Price: $359.90
Sale Price: $279.90
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