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ITW Web Dominator Foliage

ITW Web Dominator Foliage 100F

ITW Web Dominator Foliage Green. Designed to assist operators in securing loose nylon web straps, and to help tie down cords, wires, or any excess materials that you don't want hanging loose off your kit. Ideal to secure hydration tube or comms gear in a custom position. Field replaceable design allows you to install and remove without cutting or sewing. Elastic cord knot can be modified for securing large or small items or bundles of webbing. Eliminates excess webbing trip/snag hazards. Uses GhilleTEX IR Signature Reduction Technology. Can be attached to 1" webbing. Bulk packed. Package of 1. Color: Foliage Green.
Multiple angles shown.
Weight: 0.05lbs
Country of Origin: USA


ITW Web Dominator Foliage
Model #100F
Retail Price: $3.00
Sale Price: $2
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