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P12 Airweight Baton, Friction Loc

P12 Airweight Baton, Friction Loc ASP52221

ASP 52221 - P12 Airweight Baton, Friction Loc

Weighing approximately 45% less than comparable steel batons, the ASP Airweight expandable baton is an excellent choice. The Airweight is constructed on 7075 Aluminum tubing, which is the same alloy used in the receiver of an M16 rifle. In addition to being noticeably lighter, ASP Airweights move more rapidly than steel batons allowing for a faster bridge between strikes. The Airweight also features a knurled grip that provides plenty of traction.

Technical Information

Expandable: Yes
Locking Mechanism: Friction
Baton Tip: Standard Ball
Material: 7075 Aluminum


P12 Airweight Baton, Friction Loc
Model #ASP52221
Retail Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $44.95
You Save $5.00 (10% OFF)


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